I’m glad u got your #FCHW “Raw” Book.. 1 are 1 step closer to getting to know me as a person.. Thank u for supporting the Lifestyle! Get your pre orders @ ShopSpokenReasons.Bigcartel.com or click link in Bio! [#FCHW] x [@FCHWclothing] ✌️👌🙏⚡️

"Faith, Consistency, & Hard Work" will live FOREVER‼️Another Tatt added to the collection.. [#FCHW] x [@FCHWclothing] ⚡️

"Faith, Consistency, & Hard Work" will live FOREVER‼️Another Tatt added to the collection.. [#FCHW] x [@FCHWclothing] ⚡️

Huge shout out to this young Lady.. She has been supporting me for some years now! Still have the original #FCHW Merch from day 1 and letter.. Now she has my Book #FCHW “Raw” in her possession.. I’m very appreciate of you! Love! 🙏✌️⚡️[#FCHW] x [@FCHWclothing]

Your Mother & I will dedicate our Lives…
[Psalms 127:3] x [New Chapter] x [1st Heartbeat] x [#FCHW] 🙏

I challenge Women all over the 🌍 to apply the Beyonce work ethic to their Lives. Even if u think you’ve worked hard yesterday.. Push yourself harder Today. Beyonce didn’t become Beyonce just outta nowhere.. There was hours, days, and sleepless nights attached to her go getting mentality. Her Gift inspires girls & women 🌍 wide.. Now you.. YOU! It’s your time! Queen B has done her part… Now it’s time for you to play yours! Whatever it is that you’re Blessed @… Use it! Be courageous and don’t allow fear to stand in your way sis! [#FCHW] ⚡️

Energy! [#FCHW]

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Man…. That’s Love! The fact that I have an Army full of people that constantly keeps Tatting “Faith, Consistency, & Hard Work” on their Bodies just let’s me know that the Brand serves a dynamic purpose.. #FCHW is beyond me, Spoken, J.B, John Baker.. It’s a Lifestyle that can’t be resisted… I just wanna see people do better! Open your mind, and put yourself to the challenge! You can do ANYTHING! You can pray, but u must also move your Legs in order for your Blessings to Blossom! [#FCHW] x [@FCHWclothing] 🙏⚡️

Sooo I accepted the #ALSIceWaterChallenge from @kevonstage & @ryrif .. I was gonna put up the YouTube video Today but my program is cutting up at the moment so it’ll be up soon. I challenge @QWorldStar, @Tpain, and my OG @JackThriller.. I know they say name 3 but I wanna send an extended challenge to @uncle_rush .. U say u down for the cause.. Let’s see lol.. And yes I did donate.. Anything that’s for positivity I’m all brains in. I just can’t get down with all that fire challenge junk going on with ppl setting themselves on 🔥.. Now THAT is CRAZY! Here was 30 bags of ice poured all on me! 😁😂 [#FCHW] x [#TBPG] x [#BLCC] x [#ALSIceBucketChallenge] ⚡️