Nothing but Love that came from #FAMU ✌️ 📷 by: @mynameisrayrays

Nothing but Love that came from #FAMU ✌️

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University‼️#FAMU ⚡️#SpokenReasonsFLAmeetnGreetTour [#FCHW #TBPG] 🌏📚 📷 by: @jayliive

They all saw my movie “The Heat” & stopped by to show Love at the Florida State Meet N Greet earlier Today.. Thank y’all for everything‼️ [#FCHW #TBPG #FSU] ✌️

Florida State Meet N Greet‼️[#FCHW #TBPG #FSU]

Knocked out 2 schools today… The 3rd school I stopped by on the list was Florida State! Shout out to the defending champs!! Rain don’t stop the show! ✌️[#FCHW #TBPG #FSU] #SpokenReasonsFLAcollegeMeetNgreetTour 📷 By: mynameisrayrays

Rain don’t stop no show #FSU & #FAMU ✌️I’m still doing the meet n greet‼️

They ask me “What do u like to do besides work?”.. I tell em “I Love what I do.. I get paid for my thoughts.. That’s not work to me”.. When you’re in school do not forget that it is set up to prepare you for your soon to be destination. While you’re in someone’s classroom u need to be trying to figure out just how u would want to live after u graduate. Don’t let time pass u by.. U have all the time in the 🌏 to party and bs.. Your friends will always be there if they are your real friends.. But while you’re I’m school.. Get what’s yours and never forget it’s all about “Faith, Consistency, & Hard Work” - [#FCHW] 📷 by: @jayliive ⚡️

Once you find your purpose then everything else will fall in place on God’s time. Living my Dream‼️ [#FCHW #TBPG #USF] ⚡️📷 by; @jayliive

The majority of times I’m always seeing numbers online from my Projects.. Millions of views.. I’m just grateful that I can actually connect with the people that support me in person.. Shout out to these young ladies⚡️ [#FCHW #TBPG #USF] #SpokenReasonsFLAcollegeMeetNgreetTour 📷 /@jayliive (P.S.. I got Florida State and FAMU next.. peep flyer on previous posts) 🌏